Friday, October 23, 2015

The end of a long but very enjoyable week!!

Back home after a really enjoyable week with our Year 6 class on their Residential Trip to The Swattenden Centre, near Cranbrook.  The first time we have been there as a school and so pleased our parents backed the idea as it was a rip-roaring success wight he children seeming to enjoy every minute.  The children will be hosting a 'Thank You' Evening for their parents to show them all about our visit whilst providing them with appropriate refreshments.  It will be a chance for parents to get a closer insight into their children's adventure and a way for the school and their children to say 'Thank You' for making the week possible.  We will inform parents of the date and time, possibly the Thursday of the second week back, on our return after the break.
Another huge Thank You to Rose Callaway, our Deputy Head for stepping up to the plate so successfully in my absence and for the support for her from all the staff last week.  I also need to say the largest Thank You to Julie North and Claire Brake, who gave up their week to ensure the trip could take place and who added so much to the children's experience.  As a sign of my gratitude i will be posting a video of their dance extravaganza at the talent show....just as soon as i work out how!!
have a fun and safe term break everyone and see you Monday week.

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