Saturday, November 28, 2015

Open Mornings and Fayres.....

Well that was a full week...
Some weeks fly by because they are busy and some because they are fun.  I'm fairly certain last week was both.
It started last Saturday a 9am, meeting the FOWS (Friends of Wainscott School) at the school so they could set up for the Fayre, and what a job they all did.  The school hall looked amazing and it was lovely to see it full of life for so long.  A huge thank you to all involved and for all of you who took the time out of your busy lives to come along to support the school.
We also had a very successful Open Morning for prospective Reception children.  It was so well attended and I was still showing people around at 12.30, long after we had planned it to finish.  
Sunday I had a lovely couple of hours in Greenwich, one of my favourite London places followed by a rather tedious journey to Kings Cross and back.  
The last week was been full of the usual meetings and visitors, with notable highlights being.....
Spending Tuesday in the Nursery and Reception classes looking at the learning and chatting with children and adults.  Its an important part of my job so that I can judge standards and work with staff to continue to improve how we work and outcomes for pupils...but not as important as making rat tail stew with a couple of giggling girls in our nursery mud kitchen!
Wednesday was our Open Morning and it was so pleasing to see so many parents and grand parents there, all having a good look round the school.  Staff have really appreciated the many lovely comments and compliments and I'm glad so many people felt welcome and so positive about the school.
Wednesday also saw the arrival of our stonkingly fab new sports kit for children representing the school.  I'm not sure who was the more excited Mr Gear, Miss Angus or the scratch that it was clearly Mr Gear who hasn't stopped grinning since, closely followed by my good self.  
Thursday saw the kits debut at the Medway Youth Games Badminton Tournament where the school again performed well, coming 13th out of 33 schools, many of them larger than us as usual.  These events are normally 'seeded' so that being a well regarded sporting school we get drawn against the better schools.  Its means our children often play hard games but that's good for their development and stops so many mis-matches.  The only downside being it can mean we have tough qualifying groups to get through. Friday and always ends with one of the highlights of the week, our Achievement Assembly which is such fun.
This weekend I'm up to Lincoln for a family wedding....have fun.

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