Friday, November 13, 2015

Remembrance Week

What a wonderful week.....very tired at the end of it but the reason teaching and school leadership is a vocation not a job.  It has probably been the most satisfying one since becoming Headteacher here back in January and I think will prove quite a milestone for the school.

We have held a very successful World War One exhibition in the Hall this week.  Here we have showcased some of the amazing work the children have produced on their history topic.  It has been week attended by the school community and not just parents and the feedback has been incredibly positive.  

It has been so rewarding to see that not only all the staff can see the value of all their hard work in changing our History topics and our approach to teaching History but the children and school community has really appreciated the difference.  Staff were noticeably proud of their classes achievements and the quality of their displays when surveying the Hall after we'd set it up on Tuesday evening.

It has also become clear that people now see why we have been pushing the importance of curriculum trips and visitors.  The enrichment they provide and how they add to the children's experience, understanding and interest.  We have lots of such trips and visitors happening at the moment and the whole school is buzzing with their impact.  Its quickly become the way of life here and thats a good thing.  

We have also now got our website well established and the school twitter account regularly tweeting to parents.  This week we have announced our first open morning inviting parents into school to see what really happens in their child's class.  In a couple of weeks our new style parents evenings will take place, offering parents appointment times throughout the day from 8 in the morning until early evening.

All improvements to how we engage our learners and with our parents.

Have a great weekend and thank you all so much for your support of the school this week.  

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