Sunday, November 22, 2015

That Sunday night feeling....

One reality of being a teacher is that you have that Sunday night, back to school feeling every week.  I'm sure the rest of the world has a very similar, where the blimey did that weekend go, feeling too but as a teacher it's heavily laced with a packing my school bag, have I done my homework, end of holiday air.  Some Sundays like tonight it hits you more than others, no doubt the arrival of Winter and its dark Sunday nights has something to do with it.  
But what a splendid weekend.  A very well attended Open morning on Saturday for prospective Reception children and parents meant I was still showing people round at 12.30, an hour and a half after its' anticipated conclusion.  I was then able to enjoy our Christmas Fayre from the refreshments stall and had many friendly conversations with parents and their extended families.  A lovely event and so well organised by our amazing Friends Association.  It looks certain to be an event we all look forward to next year.  
I then joined Amanda in the girls in London for a fun evening.  
Today involved a chilly but fun couple of hours in Greenwich, including a lovely Sunday roast.   
The week ahead is bristling with meeting and events.  I'm really looking forward to spending a day in our Early Years on Tuesday and Year 5 on Thursday as it's always such a privilege to spend time in the classrooms.  Wednesday should also be fun, welcoming parents along to our open morning.  The school is looking great at the moment thanks to the hard work of staff and children and I'm hoping parents enjoy the opportunity for a glimpse into school life.
Enjoy your week.

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