Sunday, December 27, 2015

I couldn't even look at a photo of food I'm so full....

I hope this blog finds you relaxing after a most splendid Christmas with family and friends.

Today I reached that lovely point in the holiday when I'm uncertain of the day.  I knew it was the 27th but I only realised it was Sunday when I met a neighbour on his way to church.  

I myself have had a lovely few days, spending time with most of the people nearest and dearest.  The others I have heard from or should manage to see before I return to school in a week's time.  

It was very sweet to see photos on twitter of children lighting their school Chirstingle on Christmas day.  I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas morning opening presents and received exciting gifts that you are still enjoying. 

I saw my parents in the morning before driving to Orpington with my daughter Chloe for Christmas.  We then had a lovely relaxing afternoon and evening of splendid food, family games and plenty of smiles and laughs.  Boxing day I visited my parents for the afternoon and evening. Today was one of those lazy Sundays.  Dog walk in the morning, playing a new board game 'logo' this afternoon before cooking Swedish Meatballs for dinner....which reminds me I must catch up with my food blog.  In fact that will have to be one of my New Year make sure I post more frequent entries.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday....if you are fortunate to have more time at home.

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