Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday morning and no school...

A lovely gentle Monday morning for a change.  Timmy the faithful hound is snoozing against my feet....dreaming of catching the squirrels.  Dreams that spasmodically wake him from his slumber and prompt him to charge into the garden and bark at trees as their darting figures disappear into what's left of foliage in a winter landscape.  I had a lovely weekend, entertaining friends on Friday evening, After the usual morning dog walk, Saturday was spent exploring London (Borough Market & Vinopolis before eating at the Shard...great views across the city and lots of giggles.  Sunday was walk then pre-Christmas family roast.   
I was also asked countless times by friends how my term at school had gone, and especially the last week and telling them how much fun it was!  I don't know about any of you, but I really enjoyed last term, so many highlights to look back on.   
The wonderful WW1 Exhibition showcasing all the children's learning; the ongoing success of our sports teams; The open mornings full of parents and their positivity; the lovely new sports kit when it arrived; the delight on children's faces when they were awarded a Friday 'Thank You' Certificate; their Christmas baubles on our new tree; the outside tree with lights; the many Christmas shows; the singing of a certain girl in the EYFS nativity and the nursery child dancing all the way throughout it; the pupil & staff Christmas lunches; reading my Christmas story to a staffroom packed with children, the church service, the wonderful 'Crazy Carols' many highlights and no doubt others I have overlooked.   
The whole aim has been to make being part of our school community fun and for everyone to feel a welcomed part of it.  Many thanks for all your kind comments and supportive feedback as it is greatly appreciated.  I hope you enjoyed the week....the children and staff certainly seem to...even if they all woke exhausted on Saturday morning! Have yourselves the most wonderful of festive times with your near ones and dear ones and I look forward to making many more memories with you next year. 

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