Friday, January 8, 2016

How come it's Friday again??

Funny how I have spent most of the day thinking it was the end of our second week

It has however been a good first week with the undoubted highlight hearing the squeals of delight and seeing the faces of the children when they came across Vinny our Velociraptor as they walked into lunch on Tuesday.   

He has already become a firm favourite and I have to say I had 'Night in the Museum' thoughts this evening as I walked down towards the staffroom to lock up. 

The whole school is really looking forward to the visit of Paul Geraghty on Monday for his writing and illustrating workshops.  We look forward to all the learning this inspires in the children over the coming couple of weeks and look forward to sharing this with you all in due course. 

If any parents would like to see this for themselves then please do feel welcome to join us on Monday, probably the afternoon is best, to sit in on a workshop.  Paul will be signing and selling his books after school (they cost between £6-7.00 each) so please do come down with your wallets and purses!

We changed the arrangements for parental car access this week, which has provided a few interesting moments.  Thankfully the vast majority of you have been very supportive of this and complied with the new arrangements.  

I spent part of today with Mrs Mackenzie our ICT Subject Leader working with Phil Bagge an external advisor looking at how we can develop our teaching of ICT.  The guy was a star and left us inspired and full of so many ideas and a clear way forward.  He will be coming back several times over the coming months to model lessons for teachers and provide further training and support.

Enjoy your weekend

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