Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let it snow, let it snow....well maybe next time..

I wonder how many of you woke up to the sheer joy of looking out of your window to see a covering of snow? Well I did, in my dressing gown, whilst making the morning cups of tea, letting the dog out, bringing up the paper and the reading glasses.....I'm pretty well trained as it goes.  I then spent this afternoon washing down the weatherboarding on the summer you do on a cold January afternoon.

If you are a teacher the snow always brings a smile at the thought of the children's faces when they wake and the chance of a fun snowy day at school.  Primary schools and snow were just made for each other.  Its one of those awe and wonder experiences that can stay a childhood memory.  I promised the children in Assembly on Friday that IF it snows properly we will have such a day.  School as normal in the morning, get in as early as you can and work hard in the morning because in the afternoon we'll have the largest snowman building competition Wainscott has ever seen.  I must remember to stick some carrots and charcoal lumps in the boot of the car!

I hope the children enjoyed last week as much as we all planned and hoped they would.  Monday was great with the visit of Paul Geraghty.  

He told the children dinosaur stories and drew them a wonderful least I think it was a T-Rex.  I must remember to check with Max and Toby, our resident experts....and both under 5!

The children have been busy turning the experience into learning and we will display their work in due course, visitors most welcome.  

I seemed to spend most of the week either showing people round the school for the various jobs we have going or speaking with teachers about children's progress.  We have such meetings every term and it was great to see the progress our children are making thanks to great teaching, helped by our increasingly exciting and well resourced curriculum.

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