Saturday, January 30, 2016

Prehistoric discovery in Primary School hall...!

Another memorable week here at Wainscott.

As you may be aware, as a school we are working incredibly hard to make this school an outstanding place to learn and work.  A key part of this is by raising the quality of the teaching and learning that happens each day in your child's class.  We are doing this in several ways.  By working with teachers to develop their practice and skills and also to develop the quality of the curriculum the children experience and the enrichment that supports this.  We are keeping reading, writing and maths right at the forefront of our work but not ignoring other areas of the curriculum that the children need to experience in equal quality.

Last week was a classic example of how we work and the cycle that takes place. Take Year 2 for instance.  Last week both teachers were watched in lessons and their planning, assessments and the children's work scrutinised as part of our routine monitoring of standards.  Their many strengths were highlighted and certain developments points were provided.  This process is repeated with every teacher and year group term on term.

We also provided staff development on improving the range of ways children can record their learning and ways in which teachers can ensure they turn the amazing learning experiences they are experiencing into measurable learning.

The teachers also provided an amazing enrichment experience for them to stimulate their writing and theme of dinosaurs withe the visit of Millie the T-Rex.....
children taking part in archeological digs!

They had a range of investigative 'archaeologist' type activities to undertake and then met Millie herself
meeting Millie...!!

I have to say that Millie was one of the most impressive spectacles I've ever seen in that will live in those children's memories for ever and help stimulate interest and writing ideas and motivation over the coming days and weeks.

On Friday after school, and again first thing on Monday morning for anyone unable to come along, we displayed the range of learning by each class on their recent Dinosaur topic.  Its was pleasing to see so many parents popping along and to hear their many positive comments.

children and families viewing the learning

We are also looking to add to our staff team to improve the level of support we can provide both our learners and families.  To this end, I spent part of Friday with colleagues shortlisting for a teacher and starting to sift through over 100 applications for our Family & Pupil Support Worker role.

Whilst looking to improve both the curriculum and teaching there is also ongoing work to improve the learning environment.  This has resulted so far in improved furniture, displays and also the theming of certain parts of the school.  You may have seen our WW1 trench and dinosaur areas.  This week we have had a couple of local artists working on a very exciting project to transform the main stairwell into a Rain Forest....complete with a very special resident who is waiting patiently to move in.....

This work will continue across the school and outside over the coming months so please be sure to come along to our Open Mornings so that you can see these developments for yourself.

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