Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fleas, stuffed foxes and doodlebugs.....

Sunday afternoon and it's one of those 'conservatory days'.....You spend the day inside fearing that you have missed a lovely afternoon.  It seems lovely and warm through the window but in reality it was really quite cold despite the sunshine.  A day to spend cuddled up on a sofa in the conservatory with a dog and the Sunday papers.

It has been another interesting week at school.  We held the latest of our Parent Workshops, this time on Writing and run by Mrs Callaway and Miss Brake.  Next week we have one on Progression in Calculation in Maths.  I think this should be perhaps the most interesting one for parents as we aim to show how we teach maths calculation and how this progresses as children's understanding grows.

Wednesday was a fun day, especially in Year 6.  They visited the Royal Engineer's Museum for a series of workshops on WW2 and looked at everything from rationing to building doodlebug rockets and firing them....all in period dress!

On Wednesday after school (4-6pm), myself and Miss Brake took four of our Year 6 girls to a Maths Master class at the University of Kent's Rochester Campus.  The girls are attending a series of maths workshops on a Wednesday evening and I have to say the event seemed challenging but fun.  Very practical and based around problem solving.  Whilst there I bumped into a lovely parent from my last school, who teaches in Gillingham and was there with children from her school. 

On Friday I joined a packed and excited hall to witness a Jungle themed Reception class Assembly....what an absolute joy it was.  The children and staff had clearly worked very hard to present their learning to parents and school mates in such a colourful and fun way.  All who witnessed it were thoroughly entertained and impressed...Thank You Miss Dulai, Mrs Cunningham and Miss Atkins...and of course our super, talented children! 

On Friday night I was invited to a meal at the Rochester Rotary Club and had a fun evening as the guest of Bob and Marion Burge.  There was even a spot of Indian dancing and plenty of friendly faces to chat to.  We heard a talk on how the work of the Rotary Club has made such an impact on all but eradicating Polio.  It was really very insightful and I was so proud to be representing our school, and it's wonderful fund raising efforts over Christmas.  The money we raised, over £800, has gone to such a worthy cause.

On Saturday, after my morning run in the woods, I visited the Flea Market in Rochester before going into work for a few hours.  Mrs Froudist had mentioned this event which takes place on the last Saturday of the month.  

I took Timmy along and he loved the many stuffed animals.  His favourite was the squirrel.  He spends his life chasing them and barking wildly as they disappear up trees in the garden, so to have a good sniff of a dead one was a particular treat for him!

Afterwards he spent a pleasant few hours snoozing in his basket on my office table.  Snoring loudly and dreaming of catching squirrels and chasing foxes!! 

Saturday Evening, I went to see Alfred Hitchcock's play, Dial M for Murder, at the Trinity Theatre in Sevenoaks.  It's such a great plot but sadly was in truth murdered itself by a woeful cast.  Never mind, its always fun to go to the Theatre and it was hammy enough to be almost funny. 

This morning after a run in the woods before breakfast I have again found myself in work for a few hours as it's another busy week ahead. 

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