Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gorillas in The Land of Blog......

I have long since become predictable in The Land of it must be the weekend and most likely Sunday night as I reflect on another week here at Wainscott.

Looking back it has been another week of highlights.  

The real scene stealer was this magnificent creature who appeared this week as the finishing touch to our redecoration of the Junior stairwell.  

Proudly looking down on our wonderful new Rainforest mural which is now complete.  The children have been given the task of choosing a name for him or her! 

Our Basketball team had a successful Medway Youth Games competition....Played 8, Won 6, Drew 1, Lost 1....absolutely terrific performance, only dropping points to the winners and runners up yet thanks to Duckworth Lewis or whatever strange system they use here at Medway Sports they were placed I think 11th out of the 41 schools.  Still a strong placing if bizarrely low and the children were delighted with their success and again one of the highest ranked smaller schools.

Chartwells, our caterers, came in and provided the children with food to taste from around the world....looking forward to seeing these on our upcoming school lunch menus!

Tuesday was also made memorable by Year 4 who had a Greek Day.  An excellent idea from Mrs Froudist who arranged an Ancient Olympic Games for them in the morning followed by a Greek Feast in the afternoon.  

One of those memorable days that really help cement learning for the children.  I was fortunate enough to visit several classes to observe the teaching and learning.  This week it was into Years Six and Two and great to see such progress and how hard staff are working to develop their practice and take on board new ideas.  

On Thursday we were joined for the afternoon by a very talented lady called Dr Paula Owens.  She is a well respected specialist in Geography and came along to help us as we look to improve the teaching and coverage of Geography across the school.  Our intention is to eventually have linked up with external experts for all the curriculum subjects, getting them to bring their expertise and understanding to help us develop our curriculum maps and so provide a more exciting, broad and challenging curriculum for all.  Next week we have Phil Bracegirdle popping in again who has been helping with our History curriculum and helped us develop our WW1 in Wainscott Project which the children so enjoyed.

On Friday we were successful in recruiting an excellent young teacher, James McGrath, who will join us after Easter.  

Next week involves further interviews to recruit new staff.  On Tuesday I will be interviewing for a new School Business Manager and on Thursday & Friday the initial interviews for our Family & Pupil Support Worker.  Both roles will be great for the school.  The School Business Manager is needed as the school continues to grow and is part of our work to re-organise the school so that it is set up to meet the needs of the larger school.  The Family Support Worker role is very exciting as the person will be working closely with parents, children, families in our school community to increase their engagement with the school, improve our contact with parents and to provide a range of support services to our school community.

We also have the Travelling Book Fair with us all week.  They will be selling books in the School Hall before and after school with the money it raises going towards adding to our own reading books in school.

We have Safer Internet Day this Tuesday with various activities planned for the children to reinforce messages around safe internet use and let's not forget Tuesday is also....PANCAKE DAY!!!


  1. Loving these colourful , themed walls that are appearing makes such a lovely and bright learning environment ... Keep an eye on your bananas with that gorilla around though 😜

  2. Lucky Wainscott lots of great things happening I'm glad Harry is part of it. Thank you.

  3. I think the Gorilla should be called Gertrude and Gerty for short lots of love Floss the Boss

  4. I think the Gorilla should be called Gertrude and Gerty for short lots of love Floss the Boss


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