Monday, February 15, 2016

Interviews and interviews...

One of the wonderful things about working in a school is that you are never too far away from a holiday.  This isn't said to wind any non-teacher up but is how we besieged workaholics rationalise the bewildered looks we get from those who love us when we willingly go into school to work on a Saturday or spend an evening pouring over paperwork.  

Last week was the usual hectic affair. I spent large chunks of it interviewing with Mrs Fanner, our staffing Governor, and a lady who probably needed to lie down in a dark room after three and a half days sat next to me!  We spent Tuesday interviewing for our new School Business Manager and have second round interviews coming up next week.  We then spent two whole days interviewing for our Family & Pupil Support Worker role.  The second round of interviews are again early next term.  Both provided plenty of strong candidates and some difficult decisions to be made. 

On Wednesday morning I visited an Ofsted 'Outstanding' school in Greenwich.  I have been given the link by the National College to their Headteacher, Nick, an utterly charming guy.  It was amazing how similar in attitude and approach our schools are.  We will be doing a fair bit of linking up to spread good ideas and practice and I can see our school really benefitting from the relationship.  Schools improve through collaboration.  By sharing and refining ideas and practice and by staff benefitting from working with colleagues in other, strong settings to improve their understanding and approaches.

Loved their Queen

I think all staff were glad to reach Friday home time and a huge thank you to all our Parents and staff who supported the Friends (FOWS) children's Discos on Friday evening.  Lovely to see so many children attending and the event was very well organised as usual.

Saturday was a slow day after a lazy morning.  I worked gently in school for a few hours in the afternoon, sorting out paperwork in my office. 

A walk in the woods with Timmy in the morning, a slow brunch and then late afternoon in Greenwich before going for an Italian meal in Chislehurst.  

This week I plan to take Chloe, my daughter, to London to enjoy the cable car ride over the Greenwich Peninsular and then a no doubt cold river boat ride up the Thames to see the Monet exhibition at the Royal Academy, the Vogue exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and to track down a board game called Exploding Kittens!

I'm now off to Broadstairs to try to fix a cooker , whilst endeavouring to charm some irate guests, with just a smile and a Bichon Frise ...enjoy your week.

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  1. Glad to see romance isn't dead! And that you got some rest .... Not long until the next holiday either ;)


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