Sunday, March 13, 2016

masks, penguins, pigs and a shedload of books.....

Whatever happened to updating my blog last week.....don't worry I've taken a solemn vow even when it's Mothering Sunday.

So much has happened since I last checked many highlights.  But undoubtably taking delivery of my Gorilla mask for World Book Day (WBD) was a major event for me!
Several people commented on the improvement!

However it wasn't the only new arrival in school......... because these chaps turned up the week before and have been looking for somewhere cool to hang out ever since.  

We have now created a temporary for them home whilst we fit them into our writing curriculum.

We all enjoyed World Book Day.  Its was great to see all the children and adults dressed up as book characters.  The whole school made a real effort and it created such an impact.

We also had the second Reception Class Assembly .... lots of children's ;earning on display and a hall full of smiling parents.

This week has proved just as busy.  I have again spent it holding pupil progress meetings with teachers, whilst school life carries on apace.  Its great to be in such an active school. So many exciting events taking place and the pace never seems to stop......exactly as it should be in a Primary school.

Highlights included a visit by the mobile farm for our children in EYFS.   It must have been so tempting for Mrs Challis and her staff to try to keep a couple of them.

It was a wonderful for our youngest children to get so close to real farm animals.

Wednesday brought a very successful open morning with an even higher attendance than last term.  It was wonderful to see so many parents taking an active interest in school life and wanting to watch lessons and see for themselves what learning looks like in their school.   

We still had time to fit in the Headteacher Parent forums for this term and definitely one of my highlights......the first Headteacher for the Day.  We started with two Year 6 girls, one Headteacher and her choice of Deputy.  They had tea and doughnuts in the staffroom at playtime, watched lessons, had lunch in my office, took the 'Thank You' assembly, found a couple of children to tell off and didn't stop smiling all day.  They get to keep their badges and a certificate to mark the event.  

Next up its Year 5 and so on down the don't worry Frankie your day will come soon enough!

On a personal note I've been busy being doing dad things with my daughter.

We dropped flowers and cards round at my mum's last weekend and this weekend visited Deal on Friday night for fish and chips on the beach.  

On Saturday we saw our first lambs of the year (I'm sure they have been around for ages but we haven't driven past any before now) 

and we went for a lovely walk along Sandwich Bay.  

We found so many dead jellyfish washed up onto the beach.  We stopped counting at 53!  

Today we visited Rochester 

before heading up to Bluewater for an hour and Death by Topshop!

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