Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Eggs and animals....

Its been a far better Bank Holiday weekend than the weather stations promised us.  Yes a bit windy overnight and a couple of downpours but lots of sunshine to enjoy.

I had the pleasure of spending it with my delightful daughter .... oh and a few animals and relatives.

On Friday we went to Howlett's Zoo.  

Considering that we had season tickets for so many years when Chloe knew the staff so well they would give her birthday cards and presents, it's amazing I have lived so near for the last two years and not been back over.  It was a lovely spring day which meant every animal was out enjoying the sunshine.

I have to admit that I always love seeing the animals. I also realise that many of them have now been born in captivity so never known the wild and would also be endangered if they were in their natural habitats.  That said, a large part of me hates seeing such magnificent animals in pens and enclosures, which are always far too small for them.    

Saturday started with yet another cooked breakfast.....bacon sandwiches if I recall correctly and then a most wonderful day celebrating my mother's 80th Birthday.  She seemed to have the happiest of days, surrounded by her family. Every Grandchild, bar one was there as was all her boys. 

One of my brothers hosted it and she spent the entire time smiling and chatting.  

Sunday was spent round at my parents catching up with my twin brother Eddie (in the picture above).  He is very close to my daughter and they had a fun few hours catching up.  We also booked another week away in the Yorkshire Dales this summer.

I also had to set up my annual Easter Egg Hunt for Chloe....she insists on having written clues for every egg, small or large.

Monday we decided to visit Wingham Wildlife Park having not been for a couple of years.  I have to say it was much improved and we had an excellent time.  

The animals all looked happy and in excellent condition although we thought the Tiger's pound was too small and didn't give them enough privacy.  Still great fun and wonderful seeing two days of animals out enjoying the Easter sunshine.

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