Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter hols......???

Whilst many of you have been busy juggling the demands of childcare and work, a few of us have been on holiday!!

Perhaps not quite the holiday I was hoping for what with Kent and Medway deciding to run different holiday dates, so most of Chloe's week with me was spent with her coming into school as we hadn't yet broken up.  Never mind, it's the first time it's happened at Easter in 2,000 years as some wit, possibly incorrectly, observed.  It does though help to remind schools of the challenges parents face with childcare every holiday, which is not a bad thing.  I must confess to spending far too many days in school, not that I don't genuinely love my job.  We had quite a few important events happening.  The installation of 8 new 'TV' screen boards for the rest of the classrooms, 

lots of teachers wanting to get in to set up their classrooms with their new topic theme, contractors in and the usual burden of paperwork.

Right enough of this self-pity.....this is meant to be a fun and enjoyable to read.  

I have managed to enjoy quite a few fun days but didn't manage to get away anywhere this time....the delights of Croatia will just have to wait.  It does also give me time for more research!

I also managed to really get going again on my drive to get fitter.  If you read my blog you'll know that I go for a run at the weekend, but it's all become far too gentle and I haven't seen the inside of a gym since I started at Wainscott last year.  I think it was a combination Sports Relief and spending every day seeing the healthy lifestyle that Will our premises manager leads that reminded me how much I used to do and that I really should get back into it.  I was also kindly given a free day's gym pass by Harriet, one of our parents, and I suspect that tipped me over the edge.....that's marketing for you eh!!

So yes plenty of runs and starting to get into some sort of serious exercise routine....but don't worry it won't slow me down....still far too much energy to spend improving the school and making sure it's a school that parents and children really want to be part of. 

Right, back to my hols.....  

So yes, highlights have included a lovely day at my parents.  Chloe and I helped my mum to plant up the alpines we got her as part of her birthday present.  Typical that she found a lovely old sink to use....perfect.....I can't think where my occasionally random creativeness comes from??

We then celebrated with our first game of Croquet of the summer.  Chloe is still learning the dark arts of skulduggery and downright vengefulness that the game demands....but I can report that's she's getting there, having found myself in a herbaceous border once or twice during the afternoon.  And yes clearly the grass needs cutting.

Saturday brought the Grand National.  Now I have never been into either horse racing or betting but I recognise a spectacle when I see one.  I've always thought is a great thing that this fairly random horse race that is such a national treasure, is an annually positive event for the city of Liverpool, a great but much maligned city.  I've never lived there but have a longstanding friend who I did my degree with who hails from there and hearing the Kop sing YNWA on a European night is one of the sporting events on my bucket list....if I had one.  Besides, my daughter Chloe is fixated with the event.  A few years ago she won over £80 on the race and so every year nags either me, or her mum, depending on who she is with, to put a bet on for her.  

So this year I dutifully went and wasted my hard earned on four horses that should be on sale in a French boucherie whilst my daughter picked the winner and is now richer by well over £100......unbelievable.

On Sunday we spent the day in London.  We caught an earlyish train and headed to South Kensington to visit the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum and then onto the Natural History Museum.  We went to see the Botticelli Reimagined at the V&A. 

I probably enjoyed it more than the little one but she did at least recognise how such a painting can have an ongoing influence on other painters, fashion, design, fact so much.    

My impression of the "Birth of Venus"....Chloe was too bashful to try herself!

Afterwards we walked to the Natural History old favourite.  

We just love the Dinosaurs.  The place always makes me think of those great Night in the Museum films.  

We had a good look around and then saw the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition.  Some incredible photos, many taken by children.  These were some of our favourites.

I again spent too many days in school the last week.  The upside was that they tended to coincide with days when the weather wasn't at it's most inspiring and also when certain staff I needed to catch up with were in.  In particular James McGrath, our new Year 3 teacher and Karen Williams-Brown, who will be starting in a couple of weeks as the new Year three Teaching Assistant.  Both are already settling in and the last time I saw them they were still busy transforming their classroom into a Volcano area.....very exciting.

I managed to get out for a spot of relaxation, if that's how you can describe my golf swing at the moment when I joined a good friend for a cheeky round of golf on Tuesday.  

The weather was that lovely shade of early summer sunny and I actually played well.  Much better than on my last embarrassingly dismal round just before Christmas.  

This weekend I managed a visit to Deal for our usual market foray, breakfast and walk by the sea.  

We didn't venture onto the pier for once but all looked perfect in the sun.

I was later persuaded to visit the land of Satan...otherwise known as the two 14 year olds I spent most of the weekend with.  My daughter Chloe and her friend Lucy.  

Sunday we ventured slightly further afield.....

Chloe has been banging on about going to Groombridge Place near Tunbridge Wells.  

I took her there years ago and to be fair we did have a lovely day there.  So we grabbed Lucy and drove over there for a pleasant, if slightly underwhelming afternoon.  

The huge swings are still huge and very swingy but the rest is probably more fun in the eyes of the 9 year old she once was.  I would still recommend it to anyone as a great day out.  Lots to see and do.   We had a 'giant' game of chess, saw the birds of prey, walked in the sunshine and swung for a good hour before going on the adventure trail.  Fab if you are 9 but.....ok I've covered this once haven't I...

On our way home we went into Tunbridge Wells for an hour.  There we found the remnants of a Farmer's Market in the Pantiles, where we picked up some lovely olive and cheese bread to eat whilst we walked round the town before driving home.

And now.......well it is Sunday night so I'm ironing shirts and having those Sssmonday evening, 'back to school' feelings.  Still an exciting term ahead with lots of exciting events and important exams at the end of it.  

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