Sunday, May 22, 2016

And now for the other stuff......vague holiday memories & puppies

Easter came and went in a blur as usual.  

We had one of our regular walks along Sandwich Bay.  Over the years it has become one of my favourite places and a good friend.  It was seasonally spiky when we visited....very Turneresque and you can easily see how he was inspired to paint by the power of the sea and the wonderful clouds and seascapes

Many souls go on a Pilgrimage at Easter and ours is invariably to what has unsurprisingly and somewhat unimaginatively become known as Bluebell Wood.  It's a wonderfully tranquil and pretty spot near Preston and each year the Bluebell vista is delightful.  I guess we go back as it reminds us of happy times and the promise that every Easter brings.

Talking of I was ......we also popped down to Margate to Visit the Turner Modern on a quite delightful afternoon.  I love the squinting brightness of the seaside in early summer and it always reminds me of the couple of years we lived just down the coast in Broadstairs.

I always find the Turner a bit of a lottery and to be honest usually a disappointment.  It has so much potential but they refuse to realise it.  It needs more community art, a Vision-On style exhibition of local artists and schools art and to stop its obsession with film based artists.  I refuse to remember the Artist they were displaying.  If I'd discovered it was a send up by Reeves & Mortimer or the Fast Show it would have made more sense!  Thankfully a 'saving grace' is often the exhibit they have up in the Foyer.  Again it was interesting and as a bonus we were able to perform our cartwheels in the lift...comme d'habitude.

We also had one of our regular visits to I still haven't got tired of life yet Mr Johnson!

This time it was to Greenwich on a Sunday, another favourite haunt.  First the Outdoor Market by the cinema 

and then onto the Indoor Market.

We then walked to the Cutty Sark 

under the Thames to the Isle of Dogs and back.....just to say we had!

Afterwards we walked through the old Naval College and snacked in the sunshine before being distracted by one of those eccentrically English May Day parades.  

I do love Greenwich and it's wonderful views.  It's a great afternoon out and I'd recommend going on a Sunday when the markets are on.  

We ended up in the park followed by a walk up to Wolfe's statue.

We often stay for a Sunday evening roast in one of the pubs but today went home early, via a retro record player shop as Chloe would quite like one. And to think we all threw them out to embrace cassettes and then cds!

And then our world became dominated by this little cutie.....

but I think she deserves her own blog post...

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  1. I got a record player for my birthday last week and have been educating Daniel in the wonder of 80s music !


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