Saturday, May 28, 2016

catulus lego....puppy cuddles

The miniature crocodile that I mistook for a puppy has had her morning constitutional across the fields and is now busy committing GBH to a toy in her basket. 

Having one of Europe's cutest puppies has been very revealing these past couple of weeks.  
If your faith in humanity and society's sense of friendship and community ever starts to wane then I'd recommend borrowing a friend's puppy. You quite quickly overcome an initial sense of walking with your zip accidentally down and realise that the stares at your midriff are for the companion you are carrying; and not an inability to master the simple art of dressing.  Yinka is a smile magnet and a radiator that releases people's inner warmth.  Chloe and I have now become accustomed to random strangers glancing over, smiling then approaching with eyes that scream.."please may I play with your puppy".  We have reached the point where we simply hand her over to complete strangers so that they can hold, cuddle and enjoy.  

A puppy parody of those people you see on social media with signs offering free know you really want one just like most of us are powerless in front of a puppy's playful innocence.... very good for the soul this puppy therapy and you meet some delightful people.  All with smiles and anecdotes to share and they leave you happier.

We are off to Deal later for the market...once the small ones have risen from their slumber, checked their snapchats and overcome their growing aversion to water and all things bathroomesque!  

Enjoy your Saturday and let's hope that Mr Sun gets out of bed too....

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