Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It must be a Bank Holiday....it's raining

Sadly predictable weather here in Kent.....this time last year I was soaking up sunshine and smiles on idyllic Greek Islands....today it's rain, cold and wind.  But cold fronts don't have to last forever, so perhaps the sun will shine again?

With the exception of the weather I had quite a busy, fun weekend.  After a understandably gentle beginning on Saturday, I took the rapidly growing Yinka for her morning ablutions and then cooked a mildly impressive full English for the two 14 year old sloths who on my return had emerged from hibernation.  Whilst Yinka hasn't quite grasped the concept of a lead and just sits there quizzically staring back a me ..almost indignant that I want her to walk through the village.... once in the fields she gambols around in curious delight at her new world.  We are beginning to pass familiar faces and rather like the regular train commuter are on grunting terms with a couple of spaniels and a shitzu...or is that their owners?

We then visited Deal...which I know we do quite often but it's a charming place.  A 'de rigour' market that is full of interesting stalls and fresh flowers, a bakery that sells the most delicious range of savouries, our favourite pet shop (and now we have a reason to go in!!)...and always the front, the pier and a coffee/foodie cafe that hits the spot...provided we have the time.  Which we didn't!

Sunday morning followed the now gentle but predictable weekend format of the guy who said we couldn't manage a dog proving that he can whilst the one who said she would...not! 

In the afternoon l was charmed into visiting Canterbury by my teenage daughter.  Cue the obligatory visit to Top Shop et al but I survived relatively unscathed and they do have free wifi.  In the evening we went to a friend's 40th Birthday Party in one of the local pubs. Chloe caught up with a few of her friends and I realised that I really need to get out more often into the village and not let work consume me when I get home.  

Monday lunchtime a long time friend Spiros came down from London for an afternoon of golf and an evening catching up,  Actually given the windy weather and the almost embarrassingly heavy defeat I inflicted on him it was more like manslaughter but he's a long time buddy and we had a fun evening catching up over a glass or two of lemonade.  Infact the highlight was sending him risqué texts that his car read out loud to us....difficult to do it justice here but it had us crying with laughter on our way back from the golf.  

And today......well spent working, entertaining Yinka and watching the rain...but then it is half-term so what do you expect.

Here's hoping that the sun shines again.......

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