Sunday, May 22, 2016

Welcome to Yinka

Over the last few weeks there have been a couple of seismic events but without doubt the most exciting and enjoyable has been the arrival of 8 week old Cocker Spaniel - Jack Russell cross.  

Chloe has been asking to have a dog for years now but the pestering has reached stalker dimensions in recent months with almost daily emails giving links to dog shelters or puppies for sale on Gumtree and the like.  Eventually she caught me with my defences down and by the time I'd regained consciousness I was on the Romney Marsh buying this absolute bundle of beauty and energy.  She's like a charming crocodile with her sharp little teeth ready to pounce at any opportunity.

It reminds me of when Chloe was first born and you just prayed for her to fall asleep so that life might return to normal.....but it never quite does.  She is growing rapidly and Chloe is proving a responsible owner.  She has already taught her to sit and takes her long walks after school every evening.  It would be fair to say that she hasn't quite cracked the mornings yet...but I'm working on them both!

In between life goes on.  Chloe managed to damage a finger falling off a swing in the park when the metal chain snapped.  Why is it always a Sunday morning when people wake with damaged fingers, legs etc.  So off we went to A&E for a X-ray, thankfully just a sprain.

We also managed to fit in a visit to Whitstable as Chloe had a meal with her friends in one of the many restaurants to celebrate someone's Birthday. 

It meant I got to spend a peaceful couple of hours walking along from Tankerton to Whitstable and back, 

via a cheeky pint in the Neptune!

So be warned there will be plenty of cute puppy photos working their way through social media in the coming weeks and months!


  1. Glad to catch up and especially when it involves cute puppy pictures !!

  2. So nice to read these as it shows the'human' side to headteachers that not many parents get to see rather than thinking you're all two-headed monsters 😉

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