Sunday, June 19, 2016

Chakra realignment....logs, dogs and midget gems....

Funny how people can enter your life and become important just as quickly as others once so important depart, leaving behind memories and a gap that others eventually fill. 

School's are much the same.  Children and their families can make such an impact on a school during their time with you and then suddenly they've gone, moved on to the next chapter in their journey and no longer casting the shadow they once did.

Even in my brief time here at Wainscott I have seen this social phenomena happen.  Last year's Year 6 cohort had their time, their moment in the spotlight, their rites of passage before departing stage left last July....and now beyond the occasional appearance in the playtime to collect a sibling have become a memory, an anecdote occasionally told, an achievement looked back or a character fondly missed.  

That time is fast approaching again and its an emotional roller coaster (trying saying that phrase in a Geordie accent!!) for many concerned, especially the children and their families.  The Year 6 Show (Hairspray) slowly grows in profile, like a car alarm on a nearby street. Initially just a background noise that then grows in your consciousness until eventually it is all you can hear... dominating your thoughts and deeds.  

Our current cohort have been an amazing group of children.  A wonderful blend of characters, personalities, rich in charm, talent and challenge.....and perhaps most wonderfully for me, the funniest group of children I've met...or certainly on a par with a particular class I taught as a younger man in Brixton many years ago.  One of those groups you really wish had graced your life for longer.

So what of my week then I hear you ask.........

Well last weekend ended damply for us all.....and prophetically given the torrents that brought Friday to a close.  

Sunday...intended as a day of Jubilee celebrations in my village... was rather an anti-climatic wash out and summed up how parts of the nation were feeling no doubt after a late equaliser by Russia the night before.

We at least showed our faces on the Village field before beating a hasty retreat to nearby Sandwich, where their French Weekend was still in full flow.  

We had tea and amazing cakes in a recently opened Bakery/Cafe opposite the church....  heartily recommended and the family that run it are delightful.  So charming and chatty.

Monday was Monday...with a Governor's meeting in the evening to boot.  

Tuesday featured pigs and councillors..... It started with me delivering the display pigs that I had promised to Year 1 if the teachers took the Three Little Pigs as their topic for last term......any excuse to get a couple of pigs in school I hear you sigh.

We think the wolf might have got one sadly....

I then met a couple of very supportive local Councillors.  They are keen for the school to run a history project, not dissimilar to our WW1 event which so impressed them last year, to mark the 350 year anniversary of a Dutch naval invasion of Medway.  It's really quite an interesting tale, one the children should enjoy investigating and I'm sure we can have a go to some degree.

Wednesday heralded one of those glorious days that very aptly sums up why my job is so enjoyable...the completely unpredictable variety.

It started with me helping a parent, Chris Hatch unload a van full of logs for our wildlife area. We have used them to create an outdoor seating area in one of the clearings.  It meant I could wear shorts to work for once....before having one of my 3 showers that day!

One man and his logs....

And no I haven't got a tan....I was just a tad jiggered at the time

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