Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dads, Grizzlies and buses that break down...

That was certainly a week that will stay in the memory wasn't it. 

I'm currently staring at a vase full of beautiful peonies whilst guiltily ruminating my way through a shallow bowl of midget gems.....part of the consignment my daughter gave me as a father's day present last week.  Having reflected on her gesture, it was clearly intended as a compliment to my general level of health and gym trim stomach and as such a licence to graze.....So, just incase you were curious....I will be open and honest....I feel no guilt about this act.  In fact its way north of pleasurable and I have already reached the point where I know I've had too many.

Last Sunday ended with a visit to see my Father, for obvious reasons. I delivered my borderline inappropriate card and my far more mainstream present.   

Dad wearing his splendid new hat...wonder who gave him that???

We then kidnapped mum and disappeared down to the Bay for a couple of hours, catching the low tide.

beach flowers

Monday was perhaps most memorable for the unveiling of our latest addition....

It has been standing patiently, awaiting it's moment for a couple of weeks now and was ready to greet the school as it arrived on Monday morning....

You would be amazed how many visitors when asked what they thought of the bear answered "What bear?" despite having just passed it in our entrance lobby!!  It may eventually form part of a reading forest...well that was the original intention but it will for now stay in the foyer as part of a North American Geography display.

The rest of Monday has faded gently from memory except for dinner.  I've not been that active in the kitchen lately..a combination of work patterns and life but I returned to old ways in some style (he says with his usual modestly..) cooking one of those belting curries that could bring down light aircraft!

It has been a busy week for visits too.  Year 5 have led the way, joining Year 6 for a Seatbelt Challenge on Monday, and followed that up with visits to The Olympic Park in Stratford on Wednesday and then to a Science based 'Steamfest' at Mid-Kent College on amazing week of experiences and we saved on the cleaning!  Year 4 visited Upnor Castle ear 1 had perhaps the most eventful trip...but we'll come onto that!

Thursday was the most seismic day....both at school and elsewhere.  Clearly it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment any further...not least because I'm bound to disagree with around half of you either way! I voted before I left for school and was one of the first through the door...along with my occasionally faithful hound Yinka.

Once at school, I spent the morning doing an audit of Year 3.  If you are able to join out open morning then please do.  Not only will you get the chance to see what learning looks like in a modern Primary school but also the incredible progress the staff have made in transforming the learning environments here at Wainscott.  Here is the door into Year 3 for example...a wonderful creation ...don't you just want to enter and learn...

The children spent the afternoon in a drumming workshop with Jeff Rich, the drummer for Status Quo for several years.  We weren't quite sure what to expect....well beyond stone washed jeans and long blow dried hair.  It would be fair to that whilst Jeff is a ridiculously talented drummer he has lost the capacity to look like Rick Parfitt.....not that I'm judging that a human failure by any means!!

This guy is genuinely called Wayne Scott...he was meant to visit...

A fabulous afternoon's enjoyment, impeccably behaved children who throughly enjoyed the experience and by the end we had every child up performing percussion...a great  event for child, staff and parents alike.

Many of you will have noted a lack of reference to the football....and given the inept showing by our boys perhaps apt as they perhaps don't warrant it ...blogs are meant to be interesting, engaging, enjoyable....which I think is all the justification you need from me.

So onto Friday.....and Year 1.  Well by all accounts they had a wonderful day in London.  Fabulous weather and they enjoyed it immensely.  Sadly the coach they went on turned out to be about as useful as the one in our playground...breaking down on the way home.  The children were excellent and their parents so very understanding and supportive and all ended well....if somewhat later than we'd anticipated!  Once again our staff displayed the professionalism and care that we have for long appreciated...thank you.  

Saturday started with a lovely walk through the fields accompanied by the fearless hound.  I wish I could instil in every one of our children the same sense of confidence when they approach learning as this puppy adopts when facing other dogs.  She invariably charges excitedly towards them before switching on her fast developing feminine guile.  She impressively fakes subservience thereby lowering their guard before socially engulfing them.  Its seems to work for her...last week she had the audacity to playfully whack a Great Dane on the muzzle once he was under her spell and each day she finds more willing prey.  I'm perpetually amazed that no dog has as yet felt the need to gently put her in her place, explain the food chain to her.  Clearly they are far too polite in the village...perhaps one day they'll summon the courage to temper her sanguine demeanour...but I hope not.

Saturday afternoon I went to London to meet a friend for a few hours.  We met in Soho and so managed to catch part of the Gay Pride Parade ..a spectacular and energetic event that charms London annually and speaks volumes for her personality.  

But the highlight of the weekend was undoubtably coming home to hear wonderful news from someone I'd been very worried about....amazing how just a few words can transform your world.....sunshine on a rainy day indeed. 

Sunday was about dog walks, domestic chores, school work, dog walks, domestic chores, school work.....Groundhog Sunday indeed.

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  1. What a week! Your staff were truly awesome on Friday acting very professionally and with the kids safety foremost ! The children to were amazing and thought it very exciting to be out late getting to spend more time with there friends ! I did wonder though how we coped before mobile phones and Facebook to keep people updated !!!


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