Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hi Ho..Hi Ho....

As the term break draws to it's inevitable close and school beckons, a new means of calibrating my week looms ever closer.  Rather than my staple diet of how many late meetings, gym visits, school lunches sampled and holiday requests declined (sorry) it is that dreaded time of year for head many reports have I read, edited and signed! Whilst I have complete sympathy for my colleagues who spent vast chunks of their break generating them, I now have nearly 350 to read, check, suggest amendments and sign.....and whilst my aim isn't to whip up a tsunami of empathetic pity, please just bear this in mind if I appear somewhat mentally dishevelled over the coming fortnight!

I have been into school twice this week and both times met colleagues busily preparing their environments and learning for next time.  The school is blessed with some very dedicated staff and whilst I do encourage staff to take their breaks I also appreciate their commitment to the cause and their efforts to keep moving the school forward.  

Perhaps the highlight was Friday, witnessing the enthusiasm of our Extended School staff in preparing the facility ready for Monday.  We are pretty much where we wanted to be, save for a delay by our contractors in fitting the electronic rear gate.  This will now happen next week, so for now all children will need to be dropped off in the mornings at our main reception and collected from their. We have now sourced most of the furniture and equipment we need.  We managed to negotiate some great deals...A huge thank you to Choices who gave us a very generous discount for two corner sofas at £300 each and Mrs Lowery, our Finance Manager then negotiated a further discount with PC world for a fridge freezer, microwave and toaster...meaning more to spend on the funs things for the children.  

Mrs Lowery...incidently still curious as to how she lost the Grattons contract!

The rest of the equipment we will get once we have asked the children what they would like (in terms of toys, games, equipment etc) and further furniture etc once we have a clearer idea of long-term numbers and the way the set up will work.  So yes, all ready for Monday's launch.

Next term is going to be very exciting and probably quite emotional for those children and parents saying goodbye to the Wainscott, some after many years connected with the school.  

On a personal level I have had a fairly quiet week.  As mentioned, the occasional visit to school to fight the bush fire otherwise known as workload and paperwork.  The rest has been spent mainly with Chloe and Yinka.  Yesterday saw a gentle visit to London for the afternoon, taking in the South Bank, Borough Market & Covent Garden.  This morning I had a delightful walk throughout the fields with the miniature alligator.  It began with our growingly familiar duel over her lead.  Firstly in actually getting it on her and then in getting her to walk with it on.  We must present quite an amusing sight to striding purposefully along.....a pause.....and then a very stubborn ball of black fluff being dragged along against her will.  She's tiny still but very much the wilful terrier/spaniel.  

We start puppy training classes in a couple of weeks but I think I need to catch up with my friend Jane, who used to train police dogs, for a spot of advice.  

Once in the fields Yinka walks to heal and follows me closely like a faithful shadow.  

We met a lovely couple out walking their lab and greyhound puppy, saw the most beautiful field of wild flowers 

where upon Yinka managed to get stung by a bee.  Thankfully she quickly recovered and is now fast asleep on her back in her basket.  

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