Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sponges, boil washes and 50 years of hurt.

I'm sat here at the kitchen table, writing my blog whilst waiting for a boil wash to finish. That in itself is a tad disappointing ...given that I was expecting a 15 minute express cycle!  And yes I've made a mental note to check the settings more carefully in future. One excessively large but wonderful puppy walk in the July sunshine later was so long I half expected to meet Sir Ian Botham or Forrest Gump en route.... and the darn wash is still blasting away.  I've long since resigned myself to it's contents now being a heart sinking grey, which is a considerable shame given it should contain some once lovely pillow cases, a couple of T-shirts and assorted underwear....

It does however neatly sum up how school can feel at the moment....less a sense of impending disappointment. You're not quite sure how things might turn out...Open mornings, Fetes, Year 6 Shows, Leaving Assemblies but you at least know they will take place even if they go on for longer than you'd expected.  Ok...might be time to quietly move on after that less that perfect analogy.

It is however that period in the school year when weekends seem to be the only time when sanity is able to briefly visit my life.  Perhaps the only time I get for selfish breaths, when I can pause in-between the carnage that passes for normality.  As this year builds to its grand finale the pace of events is as relentless as it is varied.  This week was no exception with a demanding but incredibly rewarding week at school and an emotional roller coaster at home.  

My week started with Governor Day on Monday.  An annual event when the school's Governors spend a day in school, visiting the classrooms and working on various tasks and training.  Monday was incredibly useful.  It started with me outlining the various elements of teaching that the school had been working on, Governors then visited the classrooms to witness these improvements for themselves before a really good session on developing our vision.  After lunch we then all worked with a Headteacher from a London school on identifying and developing priorities for the Governing Body over the coming year.

Perhaps the less said about a certain event on Monday evening the better....apart from our utter incompetence and misplaced arrogance as a footballing nation really doesn't shock or surprise me any they say, you can only be hurt when you still care!  In the end I had quite a pleasant chat with a fellow watcher....once an Assistant Head who'd had enough of the thankless demands of teaching and moved into IT a couple of years ago.  I would imagine his decision was a loss to the profession.

Tuesday was Parent's Open Morning and the staff were delighted with the positive reactions from parents who seemed genuinely impressed with what they saw and grateful for the opportunity.  The ongoing positivity of parents is a major motivator for the school leadership and staff team as we continue to work on improving the school and pupil outcomes.  

Clearly a very perceptive young child.. ;-)

I was also presented with this card from our Breakfast & Late Care children to say thank you for their new Table Football game...I think mentioned on a previous Blog and many thanks to Max's dad for his generosity.

Wednesday and Thursday just disappeared into report reading.  It's always lovely to have the opportunity to read and comment of every child's report.  To read about their individual journeys, their hurdles and successors....but my it doesn't half take some time! 

Friday morning, fittingly grey and depressing, brought the desperately sad news that a very close and much loved friend hadn't recovered as had been hoped last weekend.  That deeply sad and heart wrenching moment when you hear the news even though your thoughts and love stay with them as you wish them well. The distraction of pupil progress meetings was sorely welcomed ..not a phrase head teachers often say I can assure you...and before I knew it the school's Summer Fair had arrived. I had again been allocated to go in the stocks.  Great fun although I was slightly concerned by how many of our children seem to have deep seated anger issues over authority figures..!!!

A hour or so in the stocks...

The sun suddenly appeared as the event started and stayed with us throughout the remainder of the afternoon and then on into the evening.  Another fun and successful event thanks to the wonderful work of FOWS and the support of parents and families. The event raised well over £2,000 so a huge thanks to you all for your time and generosity.

Friday evening was lovely and the rest of the weekend a combination of dogs walks and domestic servitude..but at least the sun has shone. 

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