Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slugs and Workhouses.....

As the dimming light of Sunday evening greets me on the sofa, it must be time to fire up the trusty Mac and get Blogging.  Yinka has decided to ignore the Sofa Rule yet again and is lying next to me but somehow it seems churlish to enforce it as she slowly drifts off into her walk induced slumber. Chloe is upstairs revising for upcoming school tests....having recently been resuscitated by pitta and crumpets. And the weekend creeps quietly out of the door, tiptoeing its way into memory.

In truth we have had a quiet one for once.  No trips to London or dashes to for the tennis on Saturday afternoon, its been a weekend of walks and gentle chats.  Last night was teenage sleepover time here so Yinka and I had downstairs in the cottage to ourselves this morning until the smell of a fulsome breakfast woke them.  A friend popped round this afternoon for a catch up coffee and then dog walk time again.  

The week ahead promises to be just as busy as last week, which started with a morning spent in our Nursery, seeing how the children and staff have settled into the school year.  

Mrs Callaway and I joined our youngest pupils for a highly enjoyable walk through the Nature area, seeing what we could find to put on our journey stick....such a lovely idea to help the children sequence their walk.  

The first thing we spotted was one of our seemingly resident cats.  This lovely ginger cat can often be spotted on the footpath leading down from the main gate.  I've no idea why she was hiding in the bushes....unless it was the excited chatter and questioning of our young scientists that made her unusually shy!!

Once there we were greeted by several black and brown slugs, slowly doing their thing in the morning sunshine.

Onwards we ventured towards the Bug Hotel....where we found woodlice 

and then passed sloe, blackberry and wild rose bushes before reaching the logs.

I was also fortunate to visit Year 5 last week too.  They are currently enjoying their Victorians topic and spent Monday videoing clips of themselves as children in a Workhouse.  Clips they then used to support their writing later in the week.  Miss Brake has done a great job getting her classroom to look so Victorian with a schoolhouse for a book area, 

a Workhouse entrance instead of a door 

and getting the children to dress up at every opportunity to get them into role.  

They seem to be really enjoying the experience, which adds to the quality of their learning experience. 

We had a wonderfully well attended Parent Open Morning on Thursday.  It was great to see so many parents taking an active interest in their children's education and a great reflection on the energy and achievements of the staff team here, to hear so many compliments.  Whilst this was set up as one of our regular open events for existing parents it was noticeable that prospective Nursery & Reception parents also came along and even families with children in other schools, having heard such good things about Wainscott and looking to transfer their children.

The children had a Brass Band performance too last week from a company offering charged tuition and our new Sports Leaders and Ambassadors visited the Howard School for their training.

And the most memorable....well beyond school it was undoubtably returning home one night to discover a very quiet cottage and this sight....

Thankfully is was just Ribena....Yinka having discovered the bottle, chewed it open and then wisely decided to make herself scarce when her dad got home.....It would seem that she doesn't have a sweet tooth!


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