Sunday, November 6, 2016


I am fortunate to work with some fabulous colleagues, many with talents I can only admire and occasionally envy.  There are a few who also share my sense of humour, and one who should perhaps remain nameless, who even shares my enthusiasm for all things childlike.  Needless to say we both spent last week in an excited state, eagerly awaiting the weekend festivities.......Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night.  We had our now annual..."How much are you looking forward to Saturday night" conversation.  We also agreed it makes the top three of events we still enjoy as much as we did when children, after the biggie in December and birthdays.   So you can probably imagine my sense of disappointment that despite living in a village that hosts a wonderful display every year, I didn't actually get to see one.  Instead I stayed in to mind Yinka.  We sat watching the football loudly and then a film and give or take the occasional raised head and muffled brufff, the evening passed calmly. My daughter, very sweetly, took this photo and a few videos for me.

Thankfully I saw a few huge fireworks when driving up the motorway later on.  So, whilst not sating my annual need for a pyrotechnic fix, I did at least get to grin and ooh to some degree. 

In fact, it's been a fairly quiet time all round of late.  Yinka was spayed on the Monday of half term and so I spent much of the week puppy minding her.  She wasn't allowed out of the cottage other than for a couple of very gentle strolls at the weekend.  Today was the first time she's been out in the fields for a was like lunchtime after a week of wet plays. As a lovely retired lady we often meet remarked...."your dog is completely mad isn't she"...harsh but fair, as they say.

Perhaps the highlight of half term week was seeing my daughter drumming a couple of songs, in a band, on stage at the Marlowe Theatre.  She was excellent and made us all extremely proud of her.

The new term has started well with lots of visits and excitement already.  The whole school has been immersing itself in World War One again.  Unlike last year when we investigated the lives of young men from Wainscott who lost their lives in the War, this year each class are looking at wider topics linked to the event and will be displaying the range of learning that went on later this week in the main hall.  Please do try to pop along to see for yourself, before or after school this Thursday and Friday.

Staff have been hard at work putting up fresh displays in their book corners, on walls and even their are just some of them.

You will also notice in the entrance hall that we have taken out some of the older sports trophies and put them in storage and are using that cabinet to display some of the incredible art work that the children have been producing with the the help of Ms Storm, our new Art teacher.

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