Sunday, January 22, 2017

A sad goodbye....

I've felt like the habitual chancer so far this winter; displaying the deftness of a pickpocket at a scuba club in having avoided a cold of any description.  I've watched colleague after colleague succumb to her seasonal charm and smiled as she failed to work her inevitable magic....and then I fell.  I first noticed something awry at the O2 on Wednesday...confused by my inability to work out why I had a headache, I put it down to the long day.  As is the way with all teacher ailments she held back her venom until Friday afternoon and then hit me with the all subtlety of a wheel clamp.  

Consequently it's been a slow weekend.  Beyond domestic duties and a couple of freezing but fun dog walks yesterday, I've stayed close to the fire, the kettle and paracetamol.  It's allowed me time to reflect on some memorable events...some inspiring and some truly sad. 

Towards the end of last week a surge of excitement and anticipation swept through the school as many of us secretly wished for a heavy snowfall and the chance to play in a magical white kingdom.  The snow came but it wasn't heavy and so instead we endured a few of cold days of anticlimax.  I haven't been able to build a proper snowman for the last three/four winters.....and my daughter even brought over her snow boots and clothing hoping to get snowed in. 

A wintery evening didn't exactly 'train on' to use horse racing parlance....

Well it's certainly been cold enough these last few days if there is any moisture in the atmosphere....but somehow I fear the snow doesn't plan to visit.

This week started with Year 5 visiting the Natural History Museum in London as part of their dinosaurs topic.  It's a wonderful venue for a school trip, bursting with exciting displays and a day that will stay in a child's school memory bang for eternity.  How could you not help but be moved by this of my favourite London views!

We also had our beehive arrive.  The hive has a camera fitted inside so that we can all watch the bees as they go about their busy lives, making honey and pollinating plants.  The bees themselves will arrive in a few weeks once Wainscott has warmed up.  We will also have the bird box camera on again, which too has a live camera link into the school.  

School itself was a mixture of meetings and our latest cycle of learning audits.  This is when the school's leadership team visit the different teachers to see how well the teaching and learning is developing.  

Last week we visited a couple of Year 3 and Year 1 classes.

And the highlight.....well that was the Young Voices Concert at the O2 on Wednesday.  The choir have worked so hard with Miss Dillon to prepare for the event and their efforts paid off.  They all experienced something very special....

How many of us can say we have sung at the 02, in a choir that was 7,500 strong? 

Well they all can!  They sang every song with gusto, showed incredible stamina over such a long and demanding day/evening, behaved wonderfully and still showed up for school on Thursday.  

Undoubtably the saddest moment was our assembly on Friday.   As many of you may have read in this week's newsletter, the school has lost a well loved friend with the passing of Mr Tony Cox, one of our volunteer readers.  Mr Tony, as many of the children affectionately called him, came in every week to hear children read.  An utterly delightful, polite and caring man.  He epitomised the phrase 'manners maketh man' and he quickly became part of the Wainscott family.  Always friendly, always there for the children; despite his worsening condition that meant he struggled to even walk into school from the car park.  We intend for representatives from the school to attend his funeral and we will also be creating a lasting memorial to Tony in the school and will cherish his memory. Our thoughts, blessings and love go to his family at this sad time.  God bless you Tony and thank you for gracing our lives with your kindness and charm.  

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