Sunday, January 8, 2017

My family Christmas...

So a brief resume of my own festive experience then....

Before Christmas I went up to Nottinghamshire, where my twin brother lives to catch up with him and his family.  

We visited Newark where I saw a great idea in a church.... charity Christmas trees....perhaps something for us to consider next year?

We had great fun over the weekend but chose to leave Yinka with a delightfully naive colleague and her family.  I can only imagine the carnage she doubt adding to their woe as one child went down with the sickness bug that seemed to sweep through certain classes.  I suspect that they won't offer again.

The village where we live, has a lovely tradition at Christmas of every house putting a tree up outside, on their street facing wall.  It creates a lovely festive atmosphere and sight as you walk or drive through it.

I had a wonderfully relaxing, family Christmas.   

Early morning runs with Yinka through the fields, 

family filled days, 

The daily struggle to find things to eat....

and evening walks through the orchards.  

We spent Christmas day round at my parents 

Yinka even let wore a Christmas jumper....

and we all went for the obligatory Boxing day walk on the Bay. 

After Christmas we popped up to London so Chloe could catch the sales and I could visit an art exhibition at the Royal Academy.  We even had time for lunch with some dinosaurs in Piccadilly. 

We visited Carnaby Street....Chloe loved the place and I told her stories of my frequent visits there as teenager.

And for New Year's Eve we visited old friends in London and had an enjoyable evening of chatting, great hospitality and karaoke!

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